For Parents and Guardians

At Sumaavi we are deeply dedicated to providing a welcoming, non-judgmental community, inspirational support and compassionately informative resources for teens, young adults, and adults with MRKH Syndrome. You see, for me, it was a long, lonely road with no information or support out there. When I finally found some information, it was cold and clinical. And don’t get me started on the graphic videos on the internet. I knew there could be a better way. And so…Sumaavi was born (the Trusted Circle, too!).
Who is Sumaavi?

When it comes to MRKH, think of Sumaavi like an older sister to your child or daughter – someone who has walked the path before them, knows some of the joys and sorrows that they may face. But – most of all, we love your child, we truly want the best for them, and we will do everything we can to support and prepare them for this journey.

Our focus

We focus on coaching to help your child build their own skills & strategies to navigate life events, rather than tell them what to do. We provide compassionate information so it’s realistic and practical, yet appropriate for younger ears as well as for our adult MRKHers. And we never give medical advice, rather we share resources and perspective.

Our families & partners

We know this can be complicated and though this is your child’s or partner’s diagnosis, it may affect the whole family. Sumaavi is for MRKHers, as well as families and partners. Our hope is that our resources and coaching can be a source of reassurance and support to help families stay close rather than be driven apart be silence or lack of information.

Safety and Privacy

Our Trusted Circle community is only for MRKHers for now – it's their safe space to share openly about what they are going through, ask questions, get inspiration and feel supported. We are deeply dedicated to the safety and privacy of our community which is why we don’t allow users to post personally identifying information like full names, photographs, or links to personal pages. If you have other ideas about what we can do to best safeguard our users’ privacy and safety, please let us know.

Our truths

We respect each person’s values – we don’t push our own.
We honor each person's pace and place in their journey and meet them there.
We advocate for each person's choice by providing support and building inner strength.
We believe that each MRKHer is perfect and whole just as they are and we can't wait until they believe it, too.

Feel free to access our resources and coaching for support. As we continue to expand, you are welcome to share your thoughts and requests. We are in your corner.

Rima Zigaitis
Coach and Founder of Sumaavi and the Trusted Circle

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