Empowering people with MRKH

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My name is Rima and I help you transform how you feel about yourself, your body, and your future while living with MRKH. Let’s get started!  
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6 MRKH Journeys to Inspire You

Watch six amazing people share their MRKH journeys. They may have the same MRKH diagnosis, but it shows up differently in everyone. Learn how they felt, reacted, and advice they share on their journey from diagnosis to empowerment.

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Join the Community!

Are you living with MRKH? Do you feel alone, held back by MRKH, and unsure about the future? It's time to step into your power and reclaim your wellbeing and outlook on life. Trusted Circle is a transformative community designed for people just like you, providing guidance, support and empowerment to help you navigate the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that come after an MRKH diagnosis. Let this be your safe space.  

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The Empower Hour

Through my one-on-one Empower Hour coaching sessions, I guide you through the shock, fear and overwhelm that often come with an MRKH diagnosis. I help you find your fullest, most brilliant self, no matter where you are in your acceptance journey. This is for you if you are struggling with MRKH or simply interested in taking a step forward. You deserve this!

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Workshops + Events

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Hi, I'm Rima

I teach women like you how to thrive while living with MRKH!

Finding out at 16 years old that I had MRKH upended my relationship with myself and any plans I thought I had for my future. Feeling different, flawed, and like no one would accept me – I did what any teenager would do. I tucked those feelings away. But the universe had other plans – which is where my journey began.

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