Open Your Eyes

Recently, I watched one of my favorite movies, The BlindSide with Sandra Bullock. If you're not familiar with the movie, it is the true story of an American football player Michael Oher, following his life from a homeless teenager to becoming one of the most highly coveted prospects in college football. It's a tearjerker for sure—so bring your tissues when you watch it.
In the movie, Michael remembers what his mother used to say to him when he was scared or uncertain. "Close your eyes. Now, when I count to three, you open your eyes. The past is gone, and the world is a good place. And it's all going to be okay."
What a powerful quote.

When we find ourselves in challenging situations—whether it be living in a tough environment like Michael Oher or receiving a medical diagnosis like MRKH that has us feeling uncertain about our future—it is sometimes hard for us to see that the world is a good place. And yes, that everything is going to be okay. We lose our focus on the positive because our heads are filled with so much baggage—doubt, fear, hurt, etc.  

That baggage makes our outlook a little foggy. It stops us from seeing the world as it really is, and instead, it is keeps us living in a world that seems heavy and hard. What if we took Michael's mother’s advice? What if we approached each new day with clear eyes and open minds—choosing to let go of what has happened in our past and instead stay focused on the new opportunities that await us?

When we choose to meet each new day, experience, and interaction with a sense of positivity and great expectation, we replace those feelings of doubt, fear, and hurt with hope, freedom, and lightness. Although the world around us might not have changed, the way we see the world has.

We always have a choice in how we view things. It's one of the few things we can control in our lives. Every day, you can choose to be happy or sad, to complain or express gratitude, to smile or frown. I'm not saying it is always easy to change your perspective—it takes practice and a lot of courage—but it's worth it. Only when we choose to change our thinking can we begin to change our lives.

Let’s do this together…close your eyes, count 1…2…3…, now open your eyes…

Remember… “The past is gone, and the world is a good place.  And it's all going to be okay.”  

Rima Zigaitis
Rima Zigaitis is a certified coach and the founder of Sumaavi and the Trusted Circle.
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